#1 Patio Misting System

Enjoy up to 20 degree temperature drop with Mister OG's™ "Wet -n- Stay Dry" Outdoor Cooling Misting System*

Tired of the scorching summer heat ruining your outdoor enjoyment?

MisterOG™ offers a revolutionary ‘Wet & Stay Dry Cooling System’ that creates a cool, comfortable environment without soaking you or your guests. Unlike typical misting fans that emit a soaking damp mist, MisterOG™ pushes water through .10mm nozzles at 1000 psi, cooling your space without heavy wet mist.

Enjoy upto 20° temperature drop

Stay dry and comfortable thanks to our Cyclone Effect™ technology.

Stay Dry & Free of Bugs With Our Outdoor Cooling Systems

Perfect for residential, commercial, and event spaces.

Sleek, modern, compact, and quiet design

Local installation available in Brevard County, Florida

What People Are Saying About MisterOG™

"This outdoor cooling system is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely amazing how you get cooled off without getting wet ! It’s true they’re wet and stay dry Technology is absolutely awesome. It’s air-conditioning for your outside patio, pergola, gazebo, or lanai."
Eric J.
"It is the best, spectacular to enjoy and cool off with these heat outdoors, you will not regret it."
Marleni G.


Cool your patio or backyard effortlessly.


Ideal for restaurants, cafes, and public spaces.


Perfect for events, especially with kids.

The MisterOG Cooling System Can be Controlled With an App!

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